Albany Surf Life Saving Club provides a unique experience that combines sport, community service, leadership and friendship. We have provided many years of volunteer service and our club continues to grow and develop. With increasing complexity, compliance and membership growth, the ASLSC board have undertook a review of how we can do things better.
The need for an organisational re-structure was identified in the Strategic Plan 2017 -2020, with the aim to develop a new, broader
structure to assist the sharing the load. It was also identified that clearer roles and responsibilities were required to ensure effective and transparent governance. A review of the areas of operation, what the volunteers/members currently do and how they can do it better was undertaken from November 2017 to August 2018.
To support the growth of the ASLSC, maintain a strong volunteer base and work towards a’best practice’ model, the following Team Portfolio structure for operational management was implemented in 2018/2019:
  • Administration and Communications Team
  • Membership Team
  • Education and Life Saving Team
  • House Team
  • Surf Sports Team
  • Events Team

Within the team portfolios, there were a number of changes with regard to roles and processes. The focus for the 2019/2020 season will be to refine these to support team operations, develop the required documentation of roles, responsibilities and tasks and create team portfolios to further assist members understanding of operations, ensure efficiency and guide manageable workloads of our volunteers.

In line with best governance practice, the ASLSC board of management remain strategically focused through:

  • Planning and overseeing the future directions (through the strategic plan)
  • Providing leadership and acting in the best interests of the Club and our members: and
  • Monitoring and supporting the extensive operations of the club.

Sarah Bowles

President 0401 911 240

Cameron Martin

Vice President 04290800752

Perdi Beebe

Administration Director 0408 102 585

Chris Swarts

Finance Director 0437 322 177



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The Albany Surf Life Saving Club management structure includes 6 Teams:
  • Administration and Communication Team
  • Membership Team
  • Education and Life Saving Team
  • House Team
  • Surf Sports Team
  • Events Team
Each team have clear roles and responsibilities to deliver a component of the club’s activities.
They will work independently but collaboratively with other teams.


Administration and Membership Team Leader Gemma Sandy
Education and Lifesaving Team Leader Celia Waugh
Surf Sports Team Leader Matthew Wells
Events Team Leader Heike Anfang
House Team Leader Nadine Shepherd




Nipper Coordinator – Kristin Ellery
Water Safety Co-ordinator – Christine Ficko

Under 6 Pink Caps
AGM: Joy Abbott
Assistant: Sophie Lynch

Under 7 White Caps
AGMs: Peter Gray | Megan Tysoe
Assistant: Perdie Beebe | Alex Poulton

Under 8 Yellow Caps
AGM: Teagan Simmonds
Assistants: Jason Bresanello | Perdie Beebe | Janelle Sepkus

Under 9 Green Caps
AGM: Benn Gray
Assistant: Katrina Marmion

Under 10 Light Blue Caps
AGM: Jackie Riddle
Assistants: Amber Bennett | Esta Steer

Under 11 Purple Caps
AGM: Liz Wood
Assistants: Dora Adeline

Under 12 Dark Blue Caps
AGM: Noreen Les
Assistants: Kristine Deutschmann

Under 13 Red Caps
AGM’s: Greg Freebury
Assistants: TBC


Youth Program

Youth U14 and U15 Competition Cap
AGM: Dani Lynch | Colin Pass
Assistants: TBC